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       Morris设计团队位于英国的德纳姆,技艺熟练、知识渊博的设计师们使用最新技术,自豪地重现Morris经典。 通过对原始档案文稿的重新诠释以及对威廉莫里斯的挂毯和排版的重新调整,该团队始终忠于英格兰最成功的室内设计师之一留下的遗产与原稿。


William Morris believed that everybody has the right to a beautiful house. As custodians of the incredible archive founded by William Morris, Morris & Co. continue to fulfil his legacy by curating beautifully crafted products inspired by his original designs.

The skilled and knowledgeable design team based in Denham, England use the latest technology to proudly recreate Morris classics. By diligently blending reinterpretations of original archive documents with new adaptations of William Morris's tapestry and typography, the team remain faithful to the heritage and provenance left by one of England’s most successful interior designers.

As Morris said, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful".

When you bring Sanderson into your home, you get that indefinable sense of reassurance from a brand with a great history. Sanderson’s ancestry dates back to 1860 in Islington, London, where Arthur Sanderson began importing luxury French wallpapers. Sanderson are also proud to have retained a Royal Warrant for over eighty years, continuing to supply goods to the Royal household.

Combining classic, hand-drawn patterns with fresh, vibrant colours that are elegant yet easy to live with, the Sanderson design team continue to create beautiful hand drawn patterns using the most exquisite colours to provide the brand’s renowned depth and tone. By combining classic designs with a timeless easy elegance, Sanderson’s Buckinghamshire based studio in England proudly continues to champion all that is beautiful about the great British outdoors, with welcoming designs that are perfect for family living.

       善于将经典的手绘图案与优雅而生动的清新艳丽色彩相结合,Sanderson的设计团队继续使用精美的颜色描绘漂亮的手绘图案,来延伸品牌固有的深度与特色。Sanderson设计团队位于英国白金汉郡, 通过将经典的设计与简洁的优雅相结合,设计师们内心充满自豪感,继续描绘英国美丽的户外风景,为家居生活提供完美的设计。

The word Harlequin means ‘varied in colour or decoration’, which sums up the ethos of the brand’s eclectic in-house design studio perfectly. Alongside digital design technology, Harlequin’s designers love to get their paintbrushes out and experiment with watercolours, gouache, inks and more to create new effects and colour blends.

With a history spanning over fifty years and roots planted firmly amongst the wallpaper factory with which Harlequin shares its Leicestershire site in England, this unique design team is well renowned for its extensive knowledge of product development. By mixing innovative production techniques with ambitious uninhibited design, Harlequin has earned a global reputation as a high fashion, trend-leading brand.

       Harlequin独特的设计团队以其丰富的产品开发知识而闻名于世,拥有超过五十年的历史,并深深植根于与Harlequin在英国莱斯特郡厂区的壁纸工厂。 通过将创新的生产技术与雄心勃勃无拘无束的设计相结合,Harlequin作为高端时尚、引领潮流的品牌赢得了全球声誉。

Since launching in 2012, Scion is now a household name, with the brand’s mascot, Mr Fox becoming one of the decade’s most recognised designs. Funky, fresh and colourful, Scion is a brand that’s going places. With its friendly charm and universal appeal, Scion is leading the interior revolution. Alongside fabric and wallpaper collections, Scion also offers a wide variety of home accessories that are produced under license and sold around the world.

Designed by a dedicated team working from the Scion studio in Loughborough, England, Scion’s signature designs are often created by lino cutting, a technique that gives the designs a real hand-printed look. When it comes to manufacturing, Scion only works with factories trusted for their commitment to sustainability and the environment, taking pride in its social responsibility.

       Scion工作室的专职设计团队位于英国拉夫堡,Scion代表性设计通常采用利诺裁剪技术,这种技术使设计具有真正的手工印刷质感。 在产品制造时,Scion只与受信任的,坚持可持续发展和对环境负责的工厂合作,并以其社会责任感为荣。